Vaser Shape

ASER Shape is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment that uses a combination of ultrasound and mechanical massage to smooth, firm, and re-contour areas of the body troubled by small, unwanted pockets of fat or cellulite dimpling.

Vaser Shape uses two ultrasound heads that are positioned next to each other and the ultrasound energy converges like a V below the surface of the skin. This means there is only half the amount of energy going through the skin as when the two beams combine in the subcutaneous tissue. After the fat has been disrupted, it dies and the body begins absorbs it and passes the fat out naturally.

What does a Vaser Shape treatment feel like?

Many clients have said that the VASER Shape treatment feels like a “hot stone massage”. Initially, you feel nothing but a slightly warm applicator on your skin. As the area heats up, it can feel a little “uncomfortably” warm. If this occurs, we simply move to a different area that isn’t as warm, to let the warm area cool off. The heat generated under the skin, by the way, tightens the skin beautifully!

Benefits of Vaser Shape

A very comfortable procedure with no downtime.
Smoothes the contours of the body by heating the fatty tissue layer.
Tightens the skin in the treatment area.
Reduces the appearance of cellulite.


Fat Reduction

Skin Tightening


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